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The company offers the employment of drives and steering devices (helpful in opening and closing) external roller blinds, garage gates, rolled up grids and gateway computers.

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Offered by STAN-MAL, high quality automatics manufactured by special western - european companies is ideal for every kind of security and closing system. All of the STAN-MAL products thanks to their functionality, diversity of version, high quality and long viability give satisfaction to individual clients, and maximum certitude of investment to building contractors, planners and tradesmen. Group steering is very helpful when electric roller blinds come into use. Simplicity of the usage comes down to clicking only one button.

An example: Let's say we have 30 roller blinds with an electric drive, passage and omission all will occupy 10-15 min. (face) near rolet. Lowering of the same owning same owning with group steering is a question of one click.

You can operate servo-motors by clicking on button on the remote control which (who) will open sliding or two-wing gates, the second click of the remote control will open the garage gate,

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Group steering can be controlled by a radio, weekly clock or even alarm protecting our house.

So, the way of controlling our group steering depends on us only.

Weekly clock steers the roller blind or a whole group of roller blinds. Clock can steer as it has its own program with fixed hours hours of bringing up and lowering the roller blades. We can also steer it manually. For Your convenience we suggest automation for gateway and garage.

Currently, it is possible to buy two kinds of sliding gates – a sliding or a suspended gate.. This second type of gates is at the moment more popular because of a smaller amount of preservation procedures, it is necessary to implement during exploitation. First of all, we hacve to remember about cleaning carriageable rail of different kinds of dirt, cleaning oiling of connecting elements. Some gates require more place to open, because of the counterweighting neccesity.

Usually an ordinary garage gate is the integral part of the house. In order to feel comfortable and safely in house, some small details need to be remembered.

Firstly, smartest automation will not open the gate if the gate is poorly installed.
Secondly, if garage is warmed, gate should be warmed.
Thirdly, if You do not have detached garage entrance, a servo-motor has to be installed, enabling the opening of the gate from the outside in case of lack of power supply.

Selecting of servo-motor, first of all, we have to remember about the height of the gate, its width and weight. You will find servo-motors for each kind of gate.

Stan-Mal creates new solution, adjusts its offer for each individual requirements of clients. We hope that our offers will satisfy your needs. We advise you to familiarize with our offer in detail.

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