Roller blinds

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example colours The advantages of roller blind application:

While planning to repair a house or apartments, or industrial object we shouldn't forget about installing external roller blinds. This will allow to add an individual and unique touch to the object, according to your personal taste and likes.


External roller blinds are produced with the use of:


External roller blind installment systems


KR System

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The so called KR system of installing roller blinds on the facades.. This is an ideal solution for already existing and newly built objects. The casing and the slides of the roller blinds are made of alluminium.






RONDO System

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The so called RONDO system. The roller blind is placed on the elevation of the building in a box that has a semicircular form. Semicircular overlays are additional elements underlining the interesting appearance of the slide




RA System

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RA system - for roller blinds that are put directly on the window. This is the best solution for new constructions or when you want to exchange windows. Casing made of PVC, it is warmed by foamed polystyrene and fitted together with the window in the window opening




SRP System

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SRP system - the casing may be plastered. The advantage of this type of roller blades is that it can be completely concealed.

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